FOB Gold Offer:
We are large Local gold and diamond miners here in South Africa, We offer bush price payment.

Commodity : Gold & Diamonds
Origin : Republic of South Africa
Form : Gold Bar
Product-History : Clean, Clear, No Liens and Non-Criminal Origin
Delivery : FOB Accra Ghana
Purity : 93.5% purity
Quantity : 50 Kilos
Price : Negotiable
Currency : USD
Payment : Full payment after Assay at any Recognize Gold refinery here. (Cash or Wire-Transfer)

- Buyer is invited to come, inspect the product, and conduct Assay at any Government Recognize gold refinery to the satisfaction of the buyer here before payment.
- After Assay, goods shall be deposited in a security warehouse in a joint name of both seller and buyer for safekeeping, pending payment.
- After payment, or as soon as Seller confirms that money has hits his account, both Seller and buyer shall then go to the security company for the goods to be released to the buyer.
- No upfront demand for paperwork via the Internet.
- During buyer or buyer's representative visit, signing of the Sales/Purchase Agreement shall take place after both parties have agreed the conditions and procedures.
- Seller is willing to assist buyer to ship the gold after payment.
The seller offers to assist with all necessary documents such as Letter of Invitation required by the consular of buyer`s country of origin, to secure Our visa from their respective country.

If you accept the above offer, kindly signify your acceptance by Contacting us via the Contact Form at the top right corner.

* All gold Mandates, Agents, Brokers, representatives and all form of intermediaries are to refer their direct buyers to us.
* There is no any form of commission payment from Seller side; moreover, we shall not engage any intermediaries or third parties in negotiation.
* Do not contact us if you merely know someone who knows someone who knows gold buyer.
* If you know a gold buyer, simply negotiate your commission with the buyer, and then refer the buyer to us.
We have numerous governments recognize gold refineries here; therefore, buyer and seller shall jointly agree on which refinery to use for the assay.



TEL : +27 (12) 743 6334

MOB : +27631161553

WHATSAPP: +27631161553
E-mail: Info@piczomining.com




Only available in South Africa. For purchases outside of South Africa, please contact us directly we discuss the proceedure.