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Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones. The cutting resistance of a diamond is 140 times more than its nearest rivals Rubies and Sapphires. Major producers of diamonds are Serra Leon, Botswana, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Namibia, DRC (Congo), Ghana, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Central Africa Republic and more recently Canada.

We’re able to offer the finest quality diamonds at exceptional value because of our buying power. We pass those savings on to you our valued customer. We want to become your diamond provider, not just for today, but for years to come. We build relationships through personalized customer care and the most competitive pricing with loose diamonds.


Fast Gold Africa offers the highest quality Certified Diamonds at very low prices. All our diamonds come with a 30 day money back guarantee and are manufactured in our factory located in Serra Leon, Botswana, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Namibia, DRC (Congo), Ghana, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Hong Kong ,Central Africa Republic and more recently Canada.


When buying diamonds you should consider color, clarity and cut, because it is not only the carat weight that determines the value of your diamond. Remember that each diamond is unique and has its own special characteristics that a certificate alone can never explain. We examine each individual stone to make sure that it meets your specific requirements. We have experts that will hold your hand during this process to ensure that each customer receives the perfect stone with unequaled brilliance and beauty.







We Provide free shipping anywhere in South Africa or if you are in Johannesburg or plan to be you are welcome to visit us and buy from our office.

All diamonds supplied by us are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity from major laboratories like EGL (European Gemmological Laboratories) etc.





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Only available in South Africa. For purchases outside of South Africa, please contact us directly we discuss the proceedure.