CIF Gold Offer

Commodity : Gold
Origin : Republic of Ghana
Form : Gold Bar
Product-History : Clean, Clear, No Liens and Non-Criminal Origin
Delivery : CIF (Cost, insurance and freight)
Purity : 95.5% purity
Quantity : 10 to 500 Kilograms
Each shipment and delivery shall be identified with all assigned contract reference codes and numbers.
The Following documents shall be issued prior to shipping and arrival of gold:
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Assay Report
- Certificate of Origin
- Bank of Ghana export declaration
- Customs Declaration forms
- Airway Bill
Price : Negotiable
Currency : USD
Payment : Seller and Buyer are jointly responsible for costs of Assay, all taxes, documents and expenses to ship the gold to Buyer destination.
(No upfront payment, (Except Government Taxes, Royalties and Shipment cost, which shall be pre-financed by both Buyer and Seller 50/50%).
Such payment shall not exceed 5% of the total cost of ordered gold.

- Buyer and Seller shall sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement initialing each page.
- Seller shall deliver the goods to any Government Recognize gold refinery here in Accra for inspection and Assay to the satisfaction of the buyer.
- Seller shall send his representatives to accompany the goods to buyer’s final destination for Final Assay and collection/transfer of the remaining money.
- Buyer and Seller shall Sign the Sales/Purchase Agreement after agreeing to the Procedures, Terms and conditions.
- Buyers who cannot come to Ghana for the transaction must be prepare to facilitate the shipment of the gold out of Ghana to buyer’s destination.
- Shipment below 10 kilos is excluded from this CIF Procedure.

If you accept the above offer, kindly signify your acceptance by Contacting us via the Contact Form at the top right corner.

* All gold Mandates, Agents, Brokers, representatives and all form of intermediaries are to refer their direct buyers to us.
* There is no any form of commission payment from Seller side; moreover, we shall not engage any intermediaries or third parties in negotiation.
* Do not contact us if you merely know someone who knows someone who knows gold buyer.
* If you know a gold buyer, simply negotiate your commission with the buyer, and then refer the buyer to us.
We have numerous governments recognize gold refineries here in Ghana; therefore, buyer and seller shall jointly agree on which refinery to use for the assay.
No Seller would like to tie down his goods and money in a particular refinery, hence, Any buyer that wants to be considered as a serious buyer should not point and insist on a particular refinery, because there are countless brokers roaming the street of Accra and hiding behind refinery to claim that they are buyers, whereas there are not.



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Only available in South Africa. For purchases outside of South Africa, please contact us directly we discuss the proceedure.